Just for Kids

Hi kids! Meet Lucy and Josie. They love dancing and wearing their fairy wings. Lucy’s mommy illustrated the book and Josie’s grandma wrote the story.

We sure hope you enjoy reading The Stitches Fairy. You can print out the coloring pages from the book and add your artistic skill to the illustrations.  Once you finish all the pages, see if you can make them into a book. Put them in the order that they happen in the story.  You can retell the story to your family or friends. Use your imagination to change the story and make up a new ending.

In the book, Claire has a special friend. He is a cute penguin. Look back through the story and see if you can spy him on the pages.  Count how many times you find the penguin.

Check out the art on the page where Claire is drawing and thinking about the fairy. The illustrator’s daughter, the author’s grandkids and the real Claire drew the pictures on that page. They thought it was pretty cool to have their art in a real picture book!

Reading is dreaming with your eyes open.

Color Pages – Kids Activity Books

The Stitches Fairy has created coloring pages from the book.  Click on the picture image to download and print out the page(s) you want.  Use your crayons or markers to color the page.