Stitches Fairy

Getting stitches is scary for kids, but in this popular children’s book, The Stitches Fairy, Claire is courageous and learns that fairies can face challenges too.

The cut on her head is healed, but Claire dreads getting her stitches taken out.  When Daddy tells her about the Stitches Fairy, she can’t wait to put her stitches in the little box under her pillow.  But, will the Stitches Fairy remember to come?

Join Claire and discover just what happens to the stitches and how her spunky persistence is rewarded.


About the Illustrator:

Colorado artist, Betony Coons was born and raised in central Kansas.  She lives in Greeley, Colorado with her husband and three sweet girls. She received her B.A. in Art from the University of Northern Colorado. To view her amazing creations visit her website at

The Stitches Fairy is a delightful children’s book.”
Peg, Former School Librarian

“What a fun book to read to my grandkids.”
Jane, Grandmother

“A great book! My children (especially those that have had stitches) loved this wonderful story.”
An Amazon customer

“With two boys who have had dozens of stitches, The Stitches Fairy encourages them to be brave, and to find the wonder in what might otherwise be a traumatic experience.”
Kelly, Mom and Teacher

“As a former kindergarten teacher, I now enjoy reading my collection of books to my 8 grandchildren. This book is a perfect addition for all of them – boys and girls alike.”
Julie, Teacher and Grandma

“It is a very creative book with beautiful illustrations. It can lead to great discussions with children. I love to give this book as a gift!”
Grandma 13, and Special Educator

August 20, 2013